Change. The only constant.

Change never stops.  Organisations never stay the same. Brickfield Consulting works with private and public sector organisations, including central government departments, specialising in commercial and business transformation, delivering complex projects across 3 key areas.
Learn how we can help your organisation.

Commercial Specialists

Brickfield provides specialist commercial, procurement and financial advice across a number of areas:

- Contract drafting and negotiation;
- Negotiation training;
- PFI Project management and exit planning;
- Vendor/Supplier management;
- Private and Public Procurement;
- Dispute resolution;
- Financial evaluation/'should cost' modelling.

Business Transformation

Business transformation has never been more important. Brickfield supports its clients in:

- Strategic outsourcing;
- Programme Leadership;
- Business case development;
- Critical friend analysis.

Process Mapping

Brickfield are a Tibco delivery partner, specialising in the Tibco Nimbus business process mapping system.  Nimbus is the industry leading BPM tool.

Brickfield helps clients document their processes, as well as deploying the systems needed to control and manage them.

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