Commercial Specialists

Commercial management is key to every organisation.
Without it, making good decisions becomes harder and poor decisions have greater consequences.
Brickfield supports its clients in all forms of commerical management.

  • PFI Project Management and Exit Planning - Knowing and understand your contract is critical to the success of PFI projects, and delivering value for money. Brickfield help PFI holders ensure that their projects are delivered to requirements and that exit planning is done to ensure continuity of service delivery without unnecessary additional costs.
  • Contract Drafting - Drafting large contracts can be daunting. Brickfield brings a tried and tested approach to planning, holding and concluding commercial negotiations; including the drafting of contract schedules prior to legal review.
  • Negotiation Experts - Brickfield has developed an approach to successfully concluding negotiations with suppliers in both the public and private sectors. Planning is key, but we can give you the skills to negotiate as part of a team or as an individual. Brickfield is an approved negotiation training organisation.
  • Vendor/Supplier Relationship Management - SRM is key to developing partnerships with your suppliers, ensuring that you understand how they operate and deliver; and vice versa. This is an oft neglected part of the contract lifecycle, which Brickfield.
  • Contract Mobilisation & Exit Management - so you've won a contract. What next? Brickfield helps mobilise contracts from scratch, or manage TUPE or transitions from legacy providers.
  • Financial Evaluation - Brickfield has an established financial evaluation methodology, to ensure that 'Whole Life Costing' or 'Net Present Social Value' is just that, an holistic assessment of all the costs and benefits. Brickfield also has significant experience in developing 'should cost' models to support decision making.
  • Dispute Resolution - sometimes, a negotiated settlement just isn't possible. Brickfield will support your organisation through the challenges of options analysis, target setting and legal dispute resolution.

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