Business Process Mapping

Brickfield has partnered with Tibco Nimbus, the industry leading process mapping platform.

Have you ever struggled to follow the world's most complicated process map, almost certainly created in Visio and presented to you as a PDF?

Nimbus takes process mapping to the next level, allowing you to create interactive, easy to understand process maps, which can be shared online with colleagues, customers and suppliers to ensure that everyone understands their role in each and every process.
In the office and out of it using the Nimbus mobile app.

1. Identify your Processes

Identify your current processes.
Establish process owners.
Design your future processes.

2. Map your processes

Document each process

3. Deploy your process

Implement your processes, and share them with your staff, customers and suppliers.
Update and re-publish them whenever you need.

Tibco Nimbus BPM

Tibco takes a slightly different approach to BPMN. It doesn't use swim lanes. But it still conveys all relevant information, in a more interactive, more intuitive and easier to use model.

  • Access anywhere - Nimbus is cloud based, available wherever you have the internet. Access via a mobile app for iOS and Android. Publish processes to all staff, customers and suppliers simultaneously.    
  • Roles Based Access Controls - Implement RBAC to ensure that processes are only visible to those authorised to see them.
  • Interactive Process Maps - link process maps directly to intranet sites, internal tools, SharePoint, policies or other systems, to provide a seemless interface for users from understanding a process, to completing it.
  • Version Control - built in version control allows you to modify and refine processes, before the are approved and published.
  • Clear Process Ownership - ensures that all processes have an owner, who controls and approves each process.
  • Storyboarding - use Nimbus a training tool to highlight a particular user's role in a process, only showing relevant processes and steps.
  • Feedback - built in feedback functionality allows users to provide feedback and improvement suggestions directly to process owners.

Tibco Nimbus

Tibco is a global, enterprise data company. Nimbus

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